Among the numerous safety and technological innovations in Mazda vehicles, you will find i-ELOOP, the Brake Energy Regeneration System. This feature works to constantly recover kinetic energy during deceleration so it can later be reused, decreasing fuel consumption.

Getting to Know Mazda 6 Safety and i-ELOOP

When you take your foot off the accelerator in your Mazda 6 to decelerate, the motion of the tires rotating will drive a high-performance alternator. This alternator generates electricity which it transfers to the capacitor. In vehicles from competitors without a similar system, this energy simply goes to waste. The stored electricity becomes useful when you accelerate. As soon as you put your foot on the accelerator, the alternator turns off, letting the capacitor supply electricity to the electronic components in your car, such as the audio system, windows, and other similar features. Since these components receive the stored electricity, the engine of your Mazda 6 no longer needs to generate electricity. This reduces its workload as well as the amount of gas consumed, boosting fuel economy.

Components of i-ELOOP for Mazda 6 Safety

One of the most important parts of the i-ELOOP system is the variable voltage alternator. it works with the voltage level charges of varying amounts within the capacitor and can vary its voltage automatically from 12 to 25 volts. This ensures that the electricity gets transferred smoothly to the capacitor without mechanical issues, helping with the Mazda 6 safety. The other major component of the system is an electric double layer capacitor that is low-resistance and has a high-capacity.

The system also includes a DC/DC converter to change the electricity in the capacitor of up to 25 volts to the 12 volts needed to power the electric components. There is also a 12-volt battery in the Mazda 6 and you can track the energy savings of i-ELOOP via the MID (Mulit Information Display). The information shown on this display from the i-ELOOP system lets you know about the energy flow, the amount of charge left in the capacitor, and the amount of energy that has been regenerated.

How i-ELOOP Works in the Mazda 6

To better understand the role i-ELOOP plays in Mazda 6 safety and efficiency, it helps to think about the major functions of the system. This system regenerates, stores, and uses energy and Mazda worked hard to maximize the efficiency of the system since it regenerates energy only during deceleration, a short period of time. The capacitors in the system store energy in the form of electricity, meaning there is no chemical reaction involved as there would be in batteries. As such, capacitors can safely discharge and charge large quantities of energy quickly and show minimal electrode deterioration over time.

i-ELOOP Availability for the Mazda 6

Along with other safety features, the i-ELOOP system is available in the Technology Package on the GT trim. This lets you combine Mazda 6 safety with fuel savings. In fact, the system takes fuel economy from 8.8 L/100km in the city and 6.1 highway all the way to 8.5 city/5.9 highway, saving a significant amount of fuel over time.




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