Living in Canada or any other area with a reputation of having cold winters makes it essential to put winter tires on your Mazda 6. It is true that every Mazda 6 model comes standard with all-season tires, but depending on where you live, this is simply not enough. Winter tires will boost traction in snowy or icy weather, keeping you safe. They are also designed to hold up to colder temperatures without putting you at risk.

Benefits of Mazda 6 Winter Tires

The biggest benefit of winter tires for your Mazda 6 is their ability to increase traction and the grip on surfaces during cold weather. While winter tires are ideal for cold temperatures, they will actually give you a similar grip to the standard all-season tires on your Mazda until temperatures hit 7 degrees Celsius. At this point, your all-season or summer tires start to lose grip, with summer tires quickly becoming useless and all-season tires putting you at risk over time. Some of this loss of grip comes down to the material used; the materials in summer or all-season tires simply aren’t designed to withstand cold temperatures and start to lose their elasticity as a result. This won’t happen with winter tires and since the rubber will be flexible, it is better able to make contact with the road.

You can truly notice the difference between winter and all-season tires when you are on a snowy or icy road. Normal tires will need about 43 meters to stop when going 30 mph but Mazda 6 winter tires only need 35 meters. This difference in braking distance can mean the difference between life and death or even just prevent a minor collision.

Sizing for Your Mazda 6 Winter Tires

One of the biggest questions people have about Mazda 6 winter tires is what size to get. The easiest option is to choose the same size as the standard tires. This would mean 17-inch tires for the GX and 19-inch ones for the GS or GT. You can also opt for the size on the base model, which is 17-inches. A final option is to use minus sizing, which means you would pick tires that are smaller in diameter but feature a taller profile.

Tips for Putting on Winter Tires

Although the exact recommendations will vary slightly, most experts agree that you should put on your Mazda 6 winter tires when the temperatures start to consistently stay below 7 degrees Celsius. This is the point at which all-season tires start losing elasticity, putting you at risk. The exact time to change your winter tires varies by region, so ask your mechanic for a specific recommendation. Just remember to swap your winter tires back out for all-season ones at the end of the winter since they wear out more quickly in warm weather. If you live in Quebec or British Columbia, then there are actually legal requirements for when to use winter tires.

Remember to always change all four tires to winter tires instead of just some of them. This will ensure that the front and rear wheels have the same traction, preventing loss of control.




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